VP Yemi Osinbanjo continue campaign after escaping crash

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Vice president of Nigeria Yemi Osinbanjo escapes crash again two weeks before the due time for election at kabba, Kebbi state.

VP escapes plane crash

It has been noted that this is the second time such will happen and its a very serious  issue as people come out to complain that if such can happen to a presidential personnel for the second time then something must be behind this

More also, Christians cry out complaining that this incident must be investigated without delay.

People got shock our patriotic Vice President continue campaign a while after the incidence and this was what He said to assure us that he’s doing pretty fine

The question now is :

Is He really doing all of this as a sign that He’s ready to serve us or its just all some eye-service act?

Drop your comments and let’s know your opinion

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