Harrysong reconciles with E-money and Kcee

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Nigerian singer, Harrysong has finally reconciled with his former label mate, Kcee, and boss, E-money.
Harrysong apologize to emoney

Harrysong declared that he will never bite the finger that fed him.

The ‘Under the duvet’ crooner said he had to make peace with himself by resolving issues with those who made impact in his life.

He wrote on Instagram, “I had a great time at my listening party yesterday and it gave me time to reflect as I watched my young bro Skiibii perform his hit song Sensima

“Making peace with yourself begins with your ability to face your truth.

“My journey will never be complete without Kcee and Emoney you were part of the vessels that God used to change my story.

“I appreciate you both, I was hurt and reacted at the time but regardless of what happened, I recognise the impact you made in my life.”

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